1. jagged-frost:

    "I wanted you to think of me as cute until the very end.”

    lizzie, i’m pretty sure Ciel is going to think you being a badass with a sword is a lot cuter than your (admittedly adorable) hair » 


  2. dorkshadows:

    Imagine Ciel being really serious about the Campania aftermath. He decides that he can’t let Sebastian lose to Undertaker again. So he walks in on Sebastian and he’s like, we need to step up or game. Intense training!

    But his idea of intense training is making Sebastian do push-ups while Ciel sits on his back.

    hello i am okay with this » YOUR IDEAS ARE GOOD ONES ahem 


  3. lizzie is kind of awesomely evil isn’t she?

    i mean, in that episode in the anime where she decides to have a party, she wants to keep Grell hanging from the ceiling when he tries to off himself, because she made him part of the decor. 

    i’m just saying :| 

    also honestly Ciel why did your family ring break so easily

    and in this episode, does Sebastian know that Grell is a reaper? 

  4. amazing (dis)grace

    Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) MMV by Dustofwarfare

    So I made this with iSkySoft, which is a new program for me! and the song is really cool, it’s a version of “Amazing Grace” transposed and sung in the minor key, with a bit of a change in the lyrics — the second i heard it, i wanted a vid featuring Ciel. 

  6. reapergrellsutcliff:

    You wouldn’t let anybody come in after 10. Everybody was standing outside, and you just yelled “BEING PUNCTUAL IS IMPORTANT!” and slammed the door. I don’t think you should be allowed to have parties anymore.
    It concerns me that I was already that drunk at 10.

    -Click here for more Black Butler Texts-

    ….i believe in my soul this is canon » 

  7. black-butler-book-of-circus:

    I posted this in my instagram. You guys should follow me!

    this is really cool! 


  8. cielphantomhiveco:

    I need to follow more Black butler blogs so if you run one please reblog this so I can follow you!

  9. ciel, sebastian, & snapchat

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  10. luvthhtmnkyboy670:

    Ha ha ah ha *sobs uncontrollably*